Who We Are

At M&P we create forward-thinking structural designs. We are a small, skilled team known for being approachable, inquisitive and focused.

We predominately operate across London, Surrey, Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on our long-lasting and close relationships with our clients, from homegrown start-ups to larger corporates.

Structural design

What We Do

Our focus at Mark & Partners is efficient design: we pride ourselves in working with London’s creative architects and builders to achieve elegant structures that save on materials and keep carbon footprints to a minimum.

Our projects vary across different sectors; Due diligence pre-purchase advise, New-build residential housing/apartments, Bespoke prime one-off houses, Retail projects, Commercial offices and Client advisory roles.

Specialist reporting

Why Choose Mark & Partners?

Reputation - we mostly work through recommendation.

Combining 30+ years experience M&P, we design efficiently, spending our clients’ money wisely, saving on material and labour costs.

We model all our projects in 3D using BIM, from which we derive our plans and section drawings. This allows for better project coordination across the team.

BIM • 3D modelling

Obviously there is compliance in what we do, which isn't to be belittled. But there is so much creativity to our role in the construction process. People just don't know!

Civil Engineering

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Basements and Feature Staircases

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